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23 Oct

Recommended Books for Every Youth Worker’s Library

These would be four books to get you thinking:

1. Postmodern Youth Ministry – Tony Jones – Zondervan

“This book might make you mad. It might run completely against your ministry philosophy – and even some of your long held beliefs about the church and your faith. But in the end, it will prove an indispensable reference for all ministry professionals and college and seminary students committed to reaching teenagers in our pluralistic, information-drenched, constantly changing world.”

2. Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry – Doug Fields – Zondervan

“Employing his renowned wisdom and humour – as if you and Doug were chatting over a long,relaxing meal – the author disarmingly relates stories and principles from his own successes and failures over 20 plus years in youth ministry. In the end, he offers treasure troves of practical advice, all in the hope that new youth workers can travel a smoother path and achieve real longevity in a church culture that all too often chews them up and spits them out.”

3. Youth Ministry that Transforms – Merton Strommen + – Zondervan

“2,130 full-time youth ministers from dozens of Protestant denominations and parachurch organisations answered a battery of exhaustive, deliberate questions. … Their answers revealed a dedicated group of professionals, concerned about the students in their ministries, but troubled with a variety of perplexing issues.”

4. Four Views of Youth Ministry and the Church – Mark H Senter III + – Zondervan

“In a dialogue that often gets downright feisty, four youth ministry academicians delineate their distinct philosophical ad ecclesiological views regarding how youth ministry relates to the church at large – and leave a taste of what’s profound and what’s not in these four typologies: Inclusive congregational; Preparatory; Missional and Strategic.”

As an aside I didn’t realise they would all be from Youth Specialties / Zondervan.

This post was inspired by Tim Schmoyer – his post on 100 blog topics I hope YOU write.

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