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10 Nov

How to encourage your students to D.R.E.A.M.

The Bible says that without a vision the people will perish and I have found that people (young and old) are more vibrant and engaged when they are working towards something – some goal is encouraging them along the way. Some time ago my wife preached a sermon called Freedom from Mundane Thinking and, as she likes to do, she did an acrostic of the word dream. I offer it here [in an abridged form] to use as you wish – maybe even to dream yourself?

D – Dare to Dream

Every dream we have starts in the mind and can be put there by God direct! What we have to do, the risk we need to take, is dare to accept it and make it our own. Hopefully it will stretch us and develop us into bigger people as we dare to do more than we ever thought possible.

R – be Realistic

Being realistic doesn’t mean that we need to make our goal easy – it just means that we ensure that it is achievable. Ideally we won’t be able to do it by ourselves, it will be too big – we will need God to come through and be with us all the way.

E – Express It

If we never talk about it we run the risk of never making it as we can talk ourselves in and out of things with ease [we have had years of practice]. So tell someone – ideally someone who will be supportive and encouraging. The purpose isn’t to expect them to do it for you but for them to be aware and prompt you by asking how things are going.

A – Age is irrelevant

You are never too young or never too old to dream – KFC was founded by a guy with his pension money (yes it was Colonel Sanders) ad Josiah was a king at 8 years old as well as the bulk of the disciples being teenagers when they first encountered Jesus.

M – Make it Happen

Having a dream is great but it would be foolish to think we can then just sit around and it will magically come to pass. No, we have to do our bit and make it happen. Someone once said that we should pray as though only God could do it and work as though only we could do it. Effort reaps rewards.

For a limited time I am happy to email you either the transcript, the workbook or the audio file [hey all of them if you ask nicely] – limited time = end of November 2007. Please comment here with a valid email address.

This post was inspired by Life in Student Ministry – 100 blog topics I hope YOU will write.

3 Responses to “How to encourage your students to D.R.E.A.M.”

  1. 1
    Shane Vander Hart Says:

    Sometimes we tend to underestimate kids. I remember what Ted Stump once said (High Impact Ministries – Student-led cell groups guru) is that “they may be young, but the Holy Spirit in them is no child.”

    How true.

  2. 2
    nigel Says:

    I am consistently surprised at how un-young young people are in their thinking, their spirituality, their ambitions – so well said Ted – what a great way to look at it. And thanks for sharing it here Shane.

  3. 3
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