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30 Nov

Why Youth Ministers Should Read Their Student’s Blogs

The key thing to note in the very Beginning is that the blogs are in the public domain. So if you were worried about prying or uncovering secrets then that is not the case. The student has chosen to put their writing on the Internet – it is nothing like finding a diary hidden at the back of a drawer and prising open the lock.

With any potential guilt out of the way, let’s look at why reading them is definitely worth it.

It enables you to read their thoughts

Even when we have a good relationship with out student there will still be things that they don’t tell us. Not because they don’t want us to know but more often that they think it is too trivial or occasionally it may be to personal to say something face to face. We can learn about their interests and friendships, we can see what social activities they engage in, what is going on in their family. We will see things at a different level (often frivolous and humorous) than we might at youth group.

From time to time I have read something that concerned me enough to raise it with them at church – or it prompted an email.

Not knowledge for knowledge sake

The purpose is not just to know more about a student but rather to understand them better. In understanding them better we will be in a stronger position to minister to them. Equally we will be able to connect with them informally – for example, ‘Did you have a great time with Mark when he was over? I read about him on your blog.’ In every case the student has smiled and was pleased that I took the time to read their blog and mention it to them.

A friendly shoulder

From time to time I read something that isn’t appropriate – either specific language or details of certain activities. Time for a friendly shoulder – a pastoral chat about how their life is going, where they are headed. it is an opportunity to get in early and nip an activity in the bud.

A chance to celebrate

The positive spin off is that we can become aware of their achievements – maybe their basketball team got into the finals, or they won a math competition. It gives us the chance to congratulate – privately or publicly – and acknowledge them for what they have done.

In summary

Try and discover your students blogs/ My Space/ Face book details it will give you insights and make your ministry with them more effective and it will enable you to join their celebrations.

This post was inspired by Tim Schmoyer in his post 100 blog topics I hope YOU write.

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