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15 Dec

An A to Z for Christian Teens

Advice isn’t always wanted but sometimes it’s good

Bible reading cannot be substituted

Church? – it’s a must so find a good one

Disciples – find someone to disciple you

Energy is available to the young – use it wisely

Friendships are the key to growth – or not!

God can do more than you can ask or think

Help others with their issues

Influences are influential

Jonah ran, but not far enough. Don’t try it

Keep on praying

Leaning – who do you lean on? Who leans on you?

Make a difference to your world

No-one is loved more by God than you

Open up your life to other people

Plan – God has one for you

Questions are normal and to be encouraged

Remember God wants you OVER the circumstances

Samuel was a young guy when he heard Gods voice

True love waits

Understanding God will be easy in heaven but not yet

Vulnerability – help those who cannot help themselves

WWJD? – what would Jesus do?

X boyfriends/girlfriends are still your bro/sis in Christ

You are made in God’s image

Zest for life – live it to the full

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