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18 Dec

The Law of the Farm

I think it was in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People that I first came across this concept – the difference between the Law of the School and the Law of the Farm.

In the Law of the School everything is left to the last possible moment. the essay is due in tomorrow so I will do it tonight; I have been given holiday homework and 6 weeks to do it – so I will do it on the last day. I have an exam next week so I will stay up all night the night before to revise. I know you will understand this law because many of us will recognise ourself in it [not just the students that we work with].

ImageThe farmer could not possibly live that way. He needs to harvest the crop tomorrow so he spends all night planting the seed – ridiculous isn’t it? If he doesn’t sow in the right time he won’t reap in the right season. If he doesn’t plan in advance and work out the right sequence then he won’t see success ‘in due season’.

Which leads to the question: what style of ministry do we operate? For me Relational Youth Ministry can only operate under the Law of the Farm – it is long, slow, sometimes arduous work – but the harvest is amazing.

2 Responses to “The Law of the Farm”

  1. 1
    Shane Vander Hart Says:

    Great thoughts we do need to remember that youth ministry is about sowing and planting, and not just reaping. It is hard work, but well worth it.

  2. 2
    Benjer McVeigh Says:

    Yes! Isn’t it true that the most difficult harvests are often the most plentiful?

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