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21 Dec

Everything Flows out of Your Relationship with God

One of the key issues for me when considering my work with young people is my vision to see them fully released into what God wants them to be. I know enough of life to realise that this will only happen if the young person has a fully functioning, vital relationship with God. So that is my aim – to encourage, train and develop their relationship with God.

That’s where my personal relationship with God becomes all-important
- if my connection isn’t fully working then what am I modelling? More than that – what am I imparting spiritually as I pray and work with them?

It may well be possible to run for a little time on empty [in fact I know it
is possible!] but it isn’t possible to run for long or indeed to run our best when we feel low ourselves. John 15 talks about abiding in the vine
and whilst I am not much of a gardener [that in itself is a gross understatement], I do realise that if a branch is cut off from the main body of the tree then it dies. It may well look full of green leaves for a little while but make no mistake about it – it is dead.

ImageThe aim of this post is not to generate guilt, my observations have shown that we are quite capable of creating more guilt than we need, but to stimulate us into reassessing our ongoing relationship with God and making any necessary changes. There are many ways that we can find ourselves needing to re-establish a past friendship level with God. We could be tired, feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of life, depressed, have lost some of our inspiration. It will be worth some of your time to
identify the cause or causes because they may well need some attention to ensure that you don’t repeat the same scenario in the coming weeks and months.

The main key being that when we have recognised the need to rebuild that we take action. I can happily ‘perform’ in front of people when I am not spiritually topped up – but I know the difference.

But, no worries, the answer is easy. Get reconnected, return to God – re-establish your times with Him – pick up that Bible again, listen to those CD’s, even listen to the preacher and God will be there. In fact he never moved – we did and He is keener than we are to fill us afresh with His love, His compassion, His grace, His mercy, and His vision.

Personalities vary dramatically and the way that individuals will maintain their devotional life will be just that – individual; but I would like to suggest several components for your consideration.

  • Spiritual reading: experiencing grace through scriptures, through other books [leaders are readers], through listening to written works [time in the car could be invested into your spiritual life by a good selection of tapes/cds].
  • Spiritual reflection: writing a journal to express your thoughts, time away on retreat [1 day a month would be a starting point], times of solitude, prayer.
  • Accountability partnerships: it is good for us to have someone we can both talk to and be talked to about our relationship with God, people around us that not only observe but have permission to comment as appropriate [for those of us who are married we live
    with someone like this!]

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    Benjer McVeigh Says:

    So true. The times I’ve felt the least effective as a leader have been the times I’ve been the least committed as a disciple.

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